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CloudCondo is a web platform that brings together residents and management to enable a better living environment.

  • We go beyond Management: We work closely with you to come up with solutions that solve residential issues.
  • We are Flexible: We know different residential properties have different needs. Our platform adapts and scales with you.
  • We are Intuitive: Our platform is built around simplicity, easy to navigate and perform tasks on.
  • We are Safe: Our platform conforms to the latest security protocol to ensure residents’ data stays private and only on the Cloud Condo platform.

We Don’t Manage. We Facilitate.

  • Easy online platform, accessible 24/7, from any device
  • Live online facility booking & scheduling
  • Visitor registration system for improved transparency & security
  • Automatic payment reminders: improve collection rates for maintenance, electricity, water bills
  • Easy online payment facility with simple and effective overview
  • One-on-One communications between residents & management
  • Online private community board

Features for Managers

  • View the list of units under one or more properties you manage
  • Reduce time spent on paperwork
  • Keep track of payments & ledger
  • Allow the platform to manage facility scheduling on your behalf - monitor bookings and post events
  • Resource centre to enable easy download and distribution of documents
  • Complaints and suggestions will go directly to your inbox for immediate action

Features for Residents

  • View, track and make residential payments
  • Always be on time with payment auto-reminders
  • Convenient booking for property amenities
  • Pre-register visitors and external contractors before they arrive
  • Private, secured communication between residents and management
  • Discuss residential & community issues on the platform’s private forum
  • Easily book services through our partner networks: Taxi, Food, Handymen
  • ‘Living services’ - a community driven marketplace where residents can buy/sell products and services between each other

What else can you expect from CloudCondo?

Seamless Accessibility

Anywhere, any device, management and residents can log onto the system through a dedicated portal.

Around the clock access

There are no closing hours. Management and Residents are able to access the platform 24/7.


Because it is an online portal we are reducing unnecessary printing for both building Management & Residents.

Customisable Solutions

By working closely with management, we ensure our solutions will fit with the requirements of your property.

Community Development

Our team of community consultants will work closely with you to ensure your community has a customised platform that meet needs of both Management and Residents.

Manage Different Portfolios

A platform that helps you easily track, communicate and manage different properties from.

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